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Byzantion Collection 2021

This collection has its roots in Byzance art and Finnish nature and the divine light of northern hemisphere.


Gold is the opposite of the cool bluish color palette of northern winter. It makes blue tones look vivid and adds volume to blue color. Aquamarines look like small pieces of ice or frozen lakes. Natural Blue Sapphires´ deep blue color look similar to our midnight sky in mid winter. This collection´s colors are like looking at the blue sky and sun at different times of the day and night.

I have always been very fond of the combination of gold and blue - it looks mystic, majestic and very powerful. 

Byzantion Collection

I create straight from the wires. I hardly ever draw anything at all. I just do it. I love to have long walks with my pack of parson russell terriers and while walking I usually have my best ideas. My brains usually works best when I am on a move, that is my way of working. When I get home I just sit beside my desk and make my ideas into life. This is pretty much my life in general - walking with my doggies while creating design ideas in my head and coming home and making them into real. 


All my pieces are hand crafted of high quality materials- sustainable made natural gemstones and gold, silver or bronze wires. I have created my own technique which is called Scandinavian wire wrapping. It is wire wrapping with Scandinavian purity, rich in details without being heavy or overdone. Hammering is one of my techniques to deal the strongest wires and  coiling is the one for finest wires. I also love to use chains. Chains can really add some serious sparkle into jewelry. Chains can make jewelry move and dance towards the carrier´s body. From a very young age I have loved mosaics and all kind of meticulously made miniature art and items. Mosaics are vivid, colourful and you can´t avoid admiring their tiny details and the amount of these details. Mosaics have made a strong impact to my work and imagination and it can be clearly seen in this collection.

The reason why I loved to use natural precious stones in this collection is simply that they look more powerful, more "rough" instead of being just sparkling.  I love to combine fine and meticulous details made of fine wires with more rough looking precious stones. Natural Blue Sapphires used in this collection has the "role" of Terra and Natural Blue Aquamarines have the role of air, wind and water - as they come with a variety of more transparent ice looking and bright light blue beads. The Gold in this collection reflects the Sun, energy and power - as it makes the blue tones alive and really kicking. 

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