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Accessorize Your Sensuality










Beauty is my Passion

Form & Function is my Obsession

MANIA Jewels is all about hand made luxurious fashion jewelry. All MANIA Jewels items are designed and meticulously hand made of high quality materials in our own studio and has gone through a strict quality control. MANIA Jewels are elegant, feminine, sophisticated and distinctive – bold and poetic at the same time.

By choosing MANIA Jewels jewelry you will also make an eco-consious choice.

We only use sustainable manufactured gemstones from certified manufacturer with Fair Trade, Sustainable Development and Responsible Manufacturing certificates. 

​All our wires and other materials comes from reliable European and US suppliers.

Every MANIA Jewels item is designed and meticulously hand made in our own work shop

in our own premises in Finland.


Nature is my endless source of inspiration – all ideas are basically inspired by Mother Earth. All my works – my imagination- is strongly influenced by animals, insects, birds, architecture, art, music, machinery, movies and interior decoration. 

I create straight from the wires. I hardly ever draw anything at all. I just do it. I love to have long walks with my pack of parson russell terriers and while walking I usually have my best ideas. My brains usually works best when I am on a move, that is my way of working. When I get home I just sit beside my desk and make my ideas into life. This is pretty much my life in general - walking with my doggies while creating design ideas in my head and coming home and making them into real. 


All my pieces are hand crafted of high quality materials- sustainable made natural gemstones and gold, silver or bronze wires. I have created my own technique which is called Scandinavian wire wrapping. It is wire wrapping with Scandinavian purity, rich in details without being heavy or overdone. Hammering is one of my techniques to deal the strongest wires and  coiling is the one for finest wires. 


Form & Function

Each design has to be innovative and functional as well as comfortable to wear and perfectly beautiful and balanced to look at. The aim is to produce designs where richness of meticulously made details meet with simplicity. And it means elegance and glamour for me.

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