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Every piece of jewellery by Mania Jewels' is beautifully handmade using Swarovski crystal pearls, sterling silver and wire. What's more, Niina Karlsson has created her unique collection by mastering one of the oldest techniques for making handcrafted jewellery: Wire-wrapping.

Many examples of wire-wrapped jewellery dating back thousands of years BC can be seen exhibited in museums around the world, some of it discovered in the tombs of the ancient pharaohs and unearthed in Egypt amongst the pyramids.

In ancient days, wire-wrapped jewellery was created by pounding gold, silver and metals into flat sheets. These were then cut into strips and rolled into thin tubes. Craftsmen back then did not have any casting or soldering tools. Instead they relied on bending and twisting the wire into a loop, wrapping it around itself to hold gems, stones, or beads. Wire-wrapping today uses these age-old techniques.

Niina, who is calm, patient, meticulous and boundlessly creative, loves experimenting with wire-wrapping, utilising both precious and non-precious stones. She enjoys discovering new ways to create beautiful and timeless pieces of hand-crafted jewellery that can be worn for generations to come.

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