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Jazzie Natural Blue Aquamarine Earrings

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The Jazzie Natural Blue Aquamarine Earrings by MANIA Jewels.

These elegant and showy Earrings feature beautifully laser cut and polished round 4mm Real Natural Blue Aquamarine gemstones and Gold-Filled 14/20 chains and wire. These Earrings´ roots and inspirations are in Byzance art and mosaics as well as in Finnish nature and the divine light of northern hemisphere. Blue Sapphires look like the dark velvet blue midnight sky in Finland in Mid-Winter. The designer loves the contrast of the cold blue and warm gold and natural sapphires are chosen due to their more powerful look - their role is to be the image of "terra" in this collection.

Natural Blue Sapphire beads are Micro Faceted 4mm round beads Laser Diamond Cut Real Genuine Blue Aquamarine Gemstones.

We only use sustainable made precious stones from certified supplier from USA. Wire is Gold-Filled 14/20 wire made in USA as well.

Our jewelry is designed and handmade in Finland in our own workshop. Every detail is meticulously hand made. Our Designer/Owner Niina

Karlsson is behind every design of MANIA Jewels.

The designer has an obsession for geometry which can be seen in most of MANIA Jewels designs. These
Earrings is a perfect example of this.
Earrings are 10cm long all together and they are very light and comfortable to wear.
MANIA Jewels only use gemstones from certified producer having Sustainable
Development, Responsible Manufacturing and Fair Trade Certificates. All wires come from
reliable supplier from Great Britain and they are also produced in Great Britain. We offer
repair service by request and we barely have any waste in our production due to the
reason that our materials are recyclable.
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